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  1. Walking : The best exercise

Walking proves to be the best and the easiest means of exercise. One must think of several things in order to achieve quick results and stay committed towards it. For instance, go for stairs rather than elevator or escalator. Suggest your friends to have a group walk daily.  In order to walk an extra distance, try to park your car far away of the parking area. Walking helps in preventing bone diseases like Osteoarthritis. It controls and manages your weight. It reduces heart related issues and develops body metabolism etc.

  1.  Cycling

Cycling and Swimming are one of the best  and the easiest ways of exercise for your complete body since every single part  of the body is engaged while doing it .It builds great stamina as well muscle tone. It increases your metabolic rate resulting into less number of calories in the body. It also improves   lubrication between your muscles and bones. It plays a vital role in improving heart related issues and   relieving stress.

  1. Group exercises

A good cum supportive social help always allows you to have fun while working out. This program builds up motivation and increases mental stability which is eventually a good thing. For that, ask your entire family to get engaged in doing some physical group exercises . Come up with some new ideas to stay active and have fun. For instance, doing yoga’s, performing martial arts, dancing etc. Try undertaking some group exercise challenges to work your muscles harder and to improve your tenacity beyond your capable limitations.

  1. Gym

Gym workouts are one of the best ways to have a good health and remain fit. A good workout helps in proper blood circulation to your heart and results into fighting heart oriented problems. Brain wise, it makes you mentally stable and active. It also reduces anxiety and the risk of stroke as well.

  1. Healthy Diet

Maintaining an overall healthy diet not only provides your body the required amount of nutrition and energy that it needs to work but also offers  several health benefits too.  To achieve this, consume enough amount of water and eat healthy food including green vegetables.One of the main ingredient for maintaining a good health is to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks and do quit smoking.

  1. Stress Management

Reduction of stress results in feeling fresh, active and good health. Relieving Stress offers an awesome energy during day and restful yet peaceful sleep at night. It has a good effect on psychology, memory and intelligence. Managing stress at required intervals results in less restlessness, nervousness and annoyance.

  1. stopokplease says:

    Sometimes the simplest answers are the most useful ones. Thank you for this. It makes so much sense.

  2. Walking is my constant. Love it. Happy 2014

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