Top 10 health benefits of mint leaves

Posted: November 26, 2013 in HEALTH
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We all have heard of mint as a constituent in toppings or as a garnish in our regular foods and salads. It adds that unique energy to approximately all foods it is added to. However it is a lot more than just a garnish, the great mint leaves have a numerous amounts of health benefits that you most likely did not know about. Following are few of the advantages of mint.


Relieves indigestion

Mint is fully loaded with antioxidants and phytonurients that are very essential for your stomach. The proportion of menthol in mint leaves helps the enzymes crucial for digestion and helps the procedure along, by acting on the smooth muscular tissues of the stomach. These muscles when activated functions more efficiently relieving digestive disorders.

It is also known to heal stomach ache and help fight acidity and prevents from flatulence. As per the ayurvedic fundamentals it is also very advantageous for patients dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It helps the muscular tissues in the stomach loosen up and promotes overall digestion. Drink a cup of tea with few mint leaves in it after every meal by either boiling the leaves beside with a few green tea leaves or on their own for utmost advantages.


Fights aches and pains

A number of pain repellents use mint extracts as the major constituent in their products. That is because when the mint extract is used on a region that is infected and causing irritation, it directly provides a cooling effect that moderately numbs the infected region. This helps in reduction of the pain. A different technique is to breathe in the vapors of mint extract. This soothes the nerves and gives a soothing reaction to the whole body. It ultimately soothes aches and pains as well as sickness related with a pain.


Gives you glowing and acne free skin

 Mint has an exclusive quality that soothes and calms scratchy and tainted skin. It has effective anti inflammatory and anti bacterial constituents that work extremely awesome on skin prone to acne and is frequently used in a number of repellents, cleansers and in some lip lotions too. Because of the fully loaded antioxidants present in mint leaves, the skin gets a natural glow and rehydrates deadly and dehydrated skin.  Mint is highly rich in salicylic acid which helps avoid acnes, rashes and even helps get is prevented from blackheads. The properties existing in mint helps in quicker shading of deadly and dehydrated skin which in turn helps keep away from blockage of pores resulting in pimple free skin.


Helps fight oral infections

 Extracts of Mint is loaded with antibacterial and anti inflammatory constituents. That is why they are so immense as far as your dental health is concerned. It destroys germs in the mouth fighting tooth decay, fights bad breath and keeps your tongue and teeth fresh naturally. Just crush on a small number of mint leaves habitually to keep oral disorders at bay.


Helps relieve cough and asthma

 Mint has a very powerful smell which helps unlock the airways and allows peaceful breathing. It is also an expectorant and helps the removal of phlegm, allowing the sufferer recover faster.


 Helps relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps

 Mint leaves have an adverse effect on the ease muscles of our body; it is an immense medication to alleviate the soreness of menstrual cramps. It also relieves nausea linked with the situation. Just make a hot cup of mint tea and drink it a number of times during the day.


Beats morning sickness in pregnant women

 It helps alleviate the nausea connected to morning illness by activating the enzymes essential for appropriate digestion. Consumption of few leaves or smelling the trodden leaves of mint each morning is an enormous means for mothers to fight this complicated period.


Boosts immunity

 Vitamins and minerals in mint leaves when put collectively enhances the body’s immune system, keeping it protected from infections and irritation.


Beats stress and depression

Mint extract helps in fighting stress and revitalize the mind. Breathing in the vapors of mint helps relax the body and cools the mind releasing it of stress. It releases a minute amount of serotonin in the brain that also helps fight depression.


 Helps fight cancer

Mint Extract has a powerful phytochemical that can avert diverse kinds of cancers. Known as perillyl alcohol, it has shown the potential of preventing skin cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.


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