Top 8 Foods to Avoid For a Sound Sleep

Posted: December 3, 2013 in HEALTH
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Ice Cream

It has been found that consuming meals with great glucose before going to bed causes problems. But that is after you get to sleep which is going to take you a quite a while after consuming ice cream. The glucose in it will keep your stamina great as it will not get used otherwise. Eating ice creams before bed is bad for the insomniacs and the health-conscious folks. Hence, avoid consumption of ice creams before going to bed in order to have an excellent rest.


Surprised to see a veggie on this list? It is an excellent veggie to have at any time of the day it might not be an awesome idea to have it for a delayed supper right before rest if you do not want to create a number of visits to the toilet in the night.


We might be eliminating all the excellent meals for you but frequent pizzas will cause damage to your intestinal tract if you have it right before going to bed. The tomato marinade used is great in level of acidity and will thus the large oily toppings will either provide you with symptoms of heart burn or cause sleeplessness as your abdomen tries to cope with them.

Candy Bars

More than 50 percent of the people who have very lovely foods like sweets, desserts before going to rest get problems. Research has shown that it has to do something with the great glucose stages impact mind surf to provide us problems. Most of us desire something lovely before going to bed, provided that you are okay with getting up in the nighttime instantly after a bad headache, we say go for it!


Not all cereals products trouble you. Some of us do have the unique addiction of eating a bowlful of cereals products for a delayed night snack food – but it isn’t healthier. The loads of carbohydrates and enhanced carbohydrates can wreak damage with your glucose stages, maintaining you up until odd time of the night. If you really do need your dosage of crispy cereals snack food, go for the low-carbohydrate food.


Garlic is an awesome foodstuff that is excellent for glucose levels and your heart but it is one of those foods that you might be sensible to preserve before sleep. Had right before resting in the evening combined with delicious meals, the hot natural herb can provide you with symptoms of heartburn and is especially bad for those are susceptible to level of acidity.

Red Meat

Red meat is fully loaded with iron and tryptophan which persuade sleep and it also is packed with fats and proteins which signify your stomach has to drag an all-nighter in absorbing it. Therefore it will be much better if you avoid consumption of red meat before going to bed.


The nap is shallow and you wake up in the middle of the hours of darkness a number of times. Or if you go to bed intoxicated you will get a fine sleep unless the alcohol is functioning, once the effects fade off you get up and it will be impossible to go back to normal sleep easily.


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