Posted: December 5, 2013 in HEALTH
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Peel down your B.P with bananas

If you feel to degrade your blood pressures then banana play a significant role. They are inexpensive, obtainable all during the year and are fully packed with potassium. Potassium helps to degrade your blood pressure by 3 to 4 points and helps to reduce the danger of heart related disorders.

Skimmed milk

Looking forward to lessen your blood pressure then consume a glass of pasteurized milk per day. Skimmed milk is absolutely brilliant for your body as it is highly rich in calcium and vitamin D. These two antioxidants work as a group and facilitate to decrease your blood pressure and strengthen your bones. In addition, it also helps to diminish the danger of several cardiovascular ailments.


It is not only a summer stimulating foodstuff but it is also a heart health promoting food. Watermelon is extremely rich in fiber, vitamin A and potassium. All these antioxidants can help reduce blood pressure.


This super healthy supplement fruit is another best food you should know that helps in reducing your risk of developing hypertension. Opt in for a glassful of orange fruit juice or eat the whole fruit to fill yourself with fibers and supplement C.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice. Eating a small piece of chocolate every day will help to reduce down blood veins stress level because they are rich in flavonoids. They are the organic compounds that cause dilation of the veins.

 Sunflower seeds

Sunflower plant seeds are loaded with supplement E, vitamin B folic acid, protein and fibers. Just a few sunflower plant seeds consumption will allow reducing your blood pressure and giving you a healthy heart. It also discharges a peptide that inhibits the body’s development of enzymes that is known to boost blood pressure.

Whole grain

Indulging into healthy morning meal like cereals and oats is one of the best ways to advertise great wellness. Eating oatmeal or wheat for morning meal not only allows us to stay full for a long time but also allows reducing down your blood pressure levels. So, if you have been diagnosed recently with blood pressure then begin you morning meal as the most important mean of the day.


Popeye’s favorite green leafy vegetable – green spinach, is packed with heart-healthy nutritional value. It is low in calories, high in fibers, blood potassium, folate and mineral magnesium. All these properties help in maintaining and decreasing hypertension.

Sweet potatoes

This lovely food is packed with blood potassium. Sumptuousness in blood potassium allows keeping the sodium levels low and thus drives down hypertension level.

Grape juice

Have a sip of grapes extracts after your exercises to diminish your blood pressure. Grape fruit juice includes polyphenols, which allows reducing down the level of your blood veins stress level significantly. Polyphenols trigger the development of nitric oxide supplements which allows diluting veins and thus allows reducing blood veins stress level.


Including legumes like kidney legumes or black legumes is one of best ways to fill you with minerals such as magnesium and blood potassium. All these nutritional value are excellent ingredients for decreasing blood pressure level and improving overall health.


Berries are packed with vitamin C, blood potassium and fibers. Just add number of fruits each day to boost your heart health reducing your blood pressure and to spike your good cholesterol.


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