Top 10 Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Posted: December 17, 2013 in HEALTH
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Beetroots are ruddy mauve tinted taproots that are safe to eat and pass by vivid names like garden beet, table beet or red beet. They are fully loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It can be consumed raw as a salad or cooked devoid of flaking its skin to preserve all the existing nutrients in it. Having it on a regular basis can give you a surplus of health advantages and some of its benefits are mentioned below.

Read below to come across few of the beetroot health benefits:

Can reduce stroke, heart attack and blood pressure

Being extremely packed with nitrates can diminish attacks, heart related disorders and blood flow levels. This is due to nitrate gets oxidized as soon as it comes into contact with blood developing nitric oxide that expands blood vessels and boosts up the proportion of oxygen in blood. Regular intake of beetroot is essential to have a vigorous heart.

Best antioxidant

Antioxidants plays vital role in supporting the immune system. Multihued fruits and veggie are known for its high proportions of antioxidant properties and beetroot being red in color consist of beta cyanine an extremely beneficial antioxidant that can even reduce Low Density Lipoprotein.

The brain factor

The most common problem seen in the aged people is declination in the mental power. As soon as they become older, they tend to lose reminiscence control. Beetroot plays vital role assisting this problem. Juice of it when consumed can enhance the blood flow to the brain which consecutively diminishes the symptoms of dementia.

The skeletal health provider

Since it consists of natural minerals such as silica, it facilitates the body to use the calcium consumed in an appropriate manner offering power to bones and makes the bones stronger. In addition to that it is also packed with magnesium, vitamin C, folate that is the most excellent enhancements to strengthen bones.

Controls the cholesterol

Inclusion of beetroots to your normal diet can help degrading the cholesterol level. This is due to the fact that beetroots are extremely high in soluble fibers that can even diminish and eliminate bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein.

Controls blood sugar

Beetroot can alleviate the level of glucose in blood so if diabetic patient consumes the juice of it at least thrice a week it can bring a numerous changes in the blood sugar level. This is because of the soluble fibers present in it.

Weight management

Beetroots are extremely rich in fibers and poor in calories. It is widely used in diet for weight loss because of the soluble fibers existing in it that facilitate to battle against fat. It also helps to purify the toxic and high proportions of water from the body. Thus we can say that it helps skin glow.

Can treat cancer

Beetroots are also known for its medicinal properties since prehistoric times. Extremely hazardous disorders like colon cancer and liver cancer can be kept at bay if beetroot juice is consumed on a daily basis. This is because of the detoxifying property of tap root and it can also be precisely known as the best friend of the liver.

Best nutrients supplier

They are highly rich in nutrients that facilitate enhance your immune system and can develop new blood cells.  A raw tap root consists of folic acid, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and carbohydrates. Folic acid or else called as folate is crucial throughout pregnancy as it help protects spina bifida that is deficiency in the growth of spinal cord in fetus. Folic acid also boosts up the development of the tissue. They also help us against improper digestion. The proportion of iron content in it can help prevent anemia.

Best energy provider

Experts have verified that drinking about 250 ml of its juice prior to work outs or bodily movement can enhance your performance as it arouses your blood vessels and is a brilliant source of energy provider.



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