Magical Powers Of Rose Water For Face

Posted: December 19, 2013 in HEALTH
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The hydro-sol portion of rose water exists highly in rose petal. Commercially, it is sold in containers of vivid shapes and sizes in beauty provisional stores and epicure foodstuffs outlets. Rose water is loaded with tremendous amounts of applications, right from flavoring food to processing of medicines, aromatherapy and for spiritual reasons in Asia Pacific and Europe.

A natural skin cleanser together with the amusing smell of rose water gives a soothing effect when applied on the face and other areas of the skin. One can obtain rose water from the pharmacy stores and some supermarkets on the other hand this awesome substance generally consists of chemicals, synthetic preservatives which are less efficient, less advantageous as compared to original and pure rose water.

Rose Water also can be blended with home-made and pulverized face packs to cleanse the skin and prevent it from blemishes. In addition to that it makes an awesome natural purifier that particularly decreases and reduces oils over the face in hot weather of summers. It can be used in combination with vivid ingredients for several skin types:

Refresh your skin

The amazing quality of rose water makes it to be an ultimate toner for people with sensitive skin. Apply 4-5 drops of rose water on a cotton mop and use it for wiping your face following a tiring day. It will rejuvenate your skin and eliminate adhering dirt and filth.

Gets rid of pimples and Acne

Rose water could be adversely used in order to treat pimples and to prevent from blackheads. The petals of rose have antiseptic qualities and hence are gentle to the skin. Blend it with some fresh lemon juice and apply on the skin twice a week. Different method to use rose water is to simmer petals in water and steam the face for merely 15 minutes.

Moisturizing effect

Rose Water plays vital role in order to possess a healthy looking natural skin. Though, you can include glycerin and witch hazel to boost and enhance its moisturizing outcomes. Blend rose water with small proportions of witch hazel and four drops of glycerin in order to make a skin facial scrub.

Acne on face

It is also efficient for treating spots on face. It also facilitates in diminishing pimples, tapering pores and reducing aging lines. In case of slight grievance and skin exasperation, pertaining rose water will alleviate the situation and accelerate the improvement process.

Prevents wrinkles

Because of its astringent properties such as phenyl ethanol together with anti-inflammatory substances rose water fights acne, dark spots and crumples. For acne scrubbing the face with it twice a day facilitates removal of pores and avoids damage free wrinkles reducing the manifestation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dry skin

To exhibit a beautiful skin, apply rose water toner after sanitizing (but before moisturizing) on a regular basis. For oily and sticky skin, use minute proportions of glycerin into it. While, individuals have dry skin will gain from sensible amounts of glycerin.

Facial Mask

You can include one to two drops of rose water while preparing facial mask. It will rinse and cleanse your skin and also simultaneously, keep the skin hydrated. On the whole, utilization of the rose water around the face makes the skin revitalize and soft to the feel.


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