Essential Fertility Diet Tips for Men

Posted: January 28, 2014 in fitness, HEALTH, healthy foods


The issue of fertility is not only a part of females but males too. No doubt, it is the lady who must get pregnant; nurture a fit infant and then give delivery, however if her spouse does not have eminence (or adequate) sperm to fertilize her egg, then one cannot even think of pregnancy. What is the meaning of this actually? In brief, men are simply as significant as women when it is the matter of conception.

Now, that you men comprehend how significant you are in the infant making progression reflect on this surprising reality: above 35% of all couples who are dealing with the problem of fertility cannot conceive due to the male factor. Yes, that’s you!  Approximately partly of those weakening to conceive can relate that stoppage to something gone skewed with the man sperm count, mobility, power or even form.

What You Eat Really Does Matter                                              

It is not simply the woman who is consuming for two.  Nutrition has a straightforward impact on the superiority of a man’s sperm.  It is very essential that our body must be properly nourished so as to produce a healthy sperm.

A Smart Fertility Diet for Men

There are a number of things you must be consuming for a recovered you – not to point out better sperm. Most of the health professionals rely on the fact that while seeking to improve your consuming habits everybody must:

  • Go for vegetables
  • Go organic.
  • Avoid processed foods.

Below mentioned nutrients one must incorporate in their day to day meal in order to produce a healthy sperm.


The extremely essential fertility diet tip for men is to consume adequate amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are nothing but the chemicals exist in our foodstuffs that facilitate protecting our cells from the entire of those free radicals we meet them on a regular basis. Always keep in mind, sperm are nothing but cell and when free radicals have the opportunity to play chaos with your sperm, they turn out to be lethargic and deliberate. This can stop from getting your partner pregnant.

There have been abundant researches to sustain the claim that antioxidants not only enhance sperm counts in men; but they improve movement of the sperm as well.  Consequently, what are antioxidants and at what things can you discover them?  Following mentioned are little stuff which is fortunately brilliant for sperm count in men.

Selenium:  Tuna, cod, chicken and beef is highly loaded with selenium is a vital ingredient to dispose sperm distortions.

Lycopene: Tomatoes, watermelon, apricots and grapefruit are fully loaded with Lycopene which is a cell protector.

Vitamin E: It is significantly known to enhance sperm counts and it can easily be obtained from seeds and nuts, as well as leafy green veggies.

Zinc: A shortage in zinc has been established to openly diminish a man’s sperm count and even drop off testosterone levels, therefore consuming shellfish such as oysters, shrimp and crab together with beans and red meat are significant to keeping levels high.

Vitamin C: It is generally obtained in citrus fruits such as oranges; Vitamin C can facilitate boosting the complete immune system, offering each and every cell in the body the fortification it deserves.

Folic Acid: Females are strongly motivated to get adequate folic acid at the time of pregnancy to diminish their baby’s possibility of getting prone to kind of neural tube fault. However, are you aware of the fact that that is it uniformly significant for males to get sufficient folic acid? Well, it is. Investigation proves that men who constantly do not get as a minimum 400 micrograms of folic acid in their every day meals have extensively inferior sperm counts as compared to those who do.

Calcium: Even calcium plays a vital role in increasing a man’s fertility on the whole.

What Not to Eat

Now that you all are familiar that what foodstuffs you must consume when trying to get your partner pregnant, now let us have a look on the things one should completely avoid.


According to the health experts two to three glass of alcohol consumption facilitates in decreasing babies overall weight by approximately 9 ounces, and that’s guessing your partner even gets pregnant in the first place. Tremendous intake of alcohol on the daily basis adds to abnormal sperm and degrades testosterone levels in the body.


Soy is believed to be excellent for you; however excess amount can be dangerous for your fertility. It consists of an estrogen imitator chemical that can lead to chaos with your hormones, hence plummeting production of the sperm.


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