Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Posted: February 27, 2014 in fitness, HEALTH, healthy foods



Chocolate is composed of cocoa beans, which cultivate on cocoa trees and need a hot and humid type of weather for its development. There are three chief categories of cocoa beans that are cultured across the globe. They are mainly criollo, trinitario and forastero, of which forastero is most extensively cultured. The cocoa beans are initially smashed and then fermented for about a week, in the open air. Subsequent to the fermentation procedure the beans are then desiccated in the sun for a week and afterwards it is cooked in gigantic spinning barrels at a temperature of more than 400 degree centigrade. After that, the external shells of the beans are detached. The internal nib is heated, melting the cocoa butter, which is afterward grounded to a soft cum silky paste known as chocolate liquor.

Dark chocolate is usually prepared by blending chocolate liquor with sugar and cocoa butter. Milk chocolate is prepared by including milk solids to the chocolate fluid together with sugar and cocoa butter. Dark chocolate has a superior proportion of cocoa as compared to milk chocolate and investigation has shown that there are several health advantages of dark chocolate. Now we will just figure out a few of the health advantages of having dark chocolate.

Healthy Heart

Latest studies have shown that there are several nutritional advantages of dark chocolates, the most significant of which is associated to cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate consists of antioxidant flavonoids known as flavanols, which is too found in most of the fruits and veggies just like green tea berries, tomatoes, soybeans, and red wine. The best thing is the proportion of flavonoids existing in dark chocolates is much superior, and they are extremely significant to heart health since they neutralize free radicals. Free radicals augment the proportion of bad cholesterol existing in your blood, giving rise to congested arteries. Flavonols stimulate the development of nitric oxide within artery walls which consecutively facilitates in comforting the arteries, facilitating easy flow of blood.

Reducing High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

It has been discerned that having a bit of dark chocolate on a regular basis can facilitate in regulating blood pressure and diminishing cholesterol levels. As declared previously, chocolate arouse the development of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide facilitates in expanding and relaxing the blood vessels, which eventually facilitates blood to flow freely all the way through them, thus decreasing high blood pressure. Though, one must keep in mind that dark chocolate consumption should be done in control, since chocolates are tremendously loaded with drenched fat and calories. Dark chocolates too avoid the upsurge of plaque in arteries which gives rise to obstruction, which can further give rise to heart related disorders.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

Different from other sugary products, dark chocolate has an inferior glycemic index. This signifies that consuming dark chocolate gives rise to a lethargic discharge of blood sugar in your blood stream, preventing an immediate hike in blood sugar followed by a crash. The wonderful proportions of antioxidants present in dark chocolate facilitates in improving the body’s compassion to insulin. For individuals with superior chances of diabetes, the flavonoids facilitate regulating the blood sugar levels.

Feel Good Factor

There are specific compounds present in dark chocolate that improve our frame of mind and encourage happiness. It consists of theobromine which is natural stimulant and is much better as compared to caffeine found in coffee. Dark chocolate encourages the development of endorphins and other neurochemicals in the brain. All these neurochemicals facilitate inducing a sense of exhilaration in an individual thus inspiring his/her mood. Dark chocolate too consists of serotonin, which performs as an antidepressant. According to the health experts consuming about fifteen grams of dark chocolate everyday for three weeks facilitates in plummeting strain hormone levels in a person.

These were few of the health advantages of dark chocolate. In addition the advantages listed above, flavanols existing in dark chocolates facilitates in keeping skin silky and healthy by rising blood flow and engrossing UV light. Though, you need to remember that chocolates are a brilliant foundation of calories and unsaturated fats, and therefore its consumption should be restricted. Dark chocolates should be a part of an unbiased diet that consists of a range of foodstuffs rich in flavonoids for instance tomatoes, berries and green tea. Health advantages of dark chocolates have made it promising for chocolate lovers to indulge in their sweet tooth devoid of any thoughts of shame.

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