Sleep Sex – The Real Dangers of Sexsomnia

Posted: March 6, 2014 in fitness, HEALTH
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For most of the males, sleep sex officially termed as sexsomnia is usually considered as fun or as a joke. For instance, most of the time man has explained himself as being so prepared for exploitation that he may perhaps engage in intercourse throughout his sleep. However for the men who really do go all the way through such ailment, it is an extremely bona fide – and potentially hazardous – condition. While undertaking appropriate penis care is always a brilliant idea, men with this situation need specific sleep disorder treatments to concentrate on the trouble.

What is sexsomnia?

Physicians and investigators have long known that citizens usually go through several kinds of sexual arousal and activity throughout sleep periods. Each and every man is known with wet dreams, or durations of sleep throughout which they ejaculate. Also known as nocturnal emissions, wet dreams many a times take place throughout untimely phases of teenage years; however they can take place at any point in a man’s life. Frequently, wet dreams are comparatively “impulsive” – a man has an arousing vision, turns out to be erect and ejaculates. Other times, an individual while sleeping may perhaps rub his penis with his hand or push his penis against his bedding, basically masturbating while slumbering.

An individual with sleep sex connects in such sexual related stuffs in a more noticeable manner. He may perhaps more vigorously masturbate while enduring asleep; for instance, a number of men may perhaps worsen their pajamas or strip nude and masturbate. In most of the cases, an individual may perhaps rise from his couch and stand or sit down at the same time as masturbating. He may perhaps even go away from his room and ramble to a different place and masturbate – all at the same time as remaining asleep.

Sleep sex is not essentially restricted to masturbation. A number of men have been identified to connect in intercourse with a partner in their couch while never arousing; in a number of unusual cases, men have been reported to engage in non-consensual sex with somebody not his spouse in consequence of this circumstance. Pointless to say, this can have sober effects. Even though this particular article focuses on men, sleep sex can take place in whichever sexual category.

Why does it happen?

Sleep sex is distinguished as a non-rapid-eye-movement (non-REM) parasomnia ailment. This is the similar category of ailments which involves the much better called as sleepwalking, chatting in the sleep, teeth biting and nighttime panics. This particular group too consists of sleep eating, in which an individual consumes foodstuffs in his sleep, in addition to the extremely hazardous driving while sleeping. Many of the citizens across the globe with a sleep sex disorder too have one of these other parasomnias. In comparison with other sleep related ailments, folks with sleep sex problems stay asleep at the same time as they are engaged in the sexual intercourse and generally have no memory of it.

A number of aspects can bring about sexsomnia. Alcohol may perhaps be a trigger, particularly in individuals who already go through one of the other parasomnia ailments. Sleep deficiency, in which one is divested of sleep for an unmitigated duration of time, is an additional aspect. Perhaps the most widespread cause is sleep disturbance, in which the sleep is broken up. Episodic does not essentially signify that an individual returns to a condition of restlessness; it can signify that an individual is thrust out of deep sleep at unfortunate times however not into entire wakefulness. Sleep apnea is almost certainly the most recognizable category of sleep distraction.

How is it treated?

A physician does not cure sleep sex problems themselves; he cures the main reason behind causing it, for instance sleep apnea. An incessant positive airway pressure device is generally used in order to facilitate individuals dealing with sleep apnea and those with sleep sex troubles. Anti-anxiety medications are generally effective for several parasomnia ailments.

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