Pineapple Health Benefits

Posted: April 29, 2014 in fitness, HEALTH
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A minute proportion of eatables or a fruit invigorates your frame of mind similar to a couple of cold pieces of a fresh, succulent pineapple do. It’s true. To be sincere, the health advantages of pineapple are not restricted to simply energizing an individual or refreshing him/her. There is abundance of additional benefits of the pineapple fruit. Below mentioned are few of them:

Health Benefits of Fresh Pineapple

Let me tell you that pineapples are highly packed with vitamins, proteins and important minerals. At the similar time, they are tremendously minute in conditions of fat content. That put together this fruit at best low-calorie, yet satisfying foodstuff. It is a wonderful selection for a noon snack for weight watchers and the calorie cognizant population.

A pretty less significant known information regarding pineapples is that it supports the procedure of digestion. It is also highly loaded with anti-inflammatory constituents that come to the rescue for those illustrating indications of arthritis, gout, in addition to those undergoing a tremendous amount of soreness or uneasiness because of sports-induced injuries.

Pineapple is extremely superior for the dental health of the whole. As it is highly packed with Vitamin C, it can diminish the dangers of gum irritation and other gum related disorders.

Pineapple has an extremely significant constituent in the form of bromelain. Bromelain is nothing but a proteolytic enzyme which plays a significant responsibility in the following:

  • Fighting infections
  • Reducing muscle pain or swelling after sprains
  • Relieving sore throats
  • Treating sinusitis and bronchitis
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing or preventing thrombosis (formation of blood clots)
  • Treating menstrual disorders

Pineapples are also superior for the eyes and for sustaining fine vision. It is considered that consumption of pineapple fruit or pineapple extract on a daily basis can thwart the probability of macular degeneration (an eye related disorder mostly experienced by adulthood citizens and the aged ones).

Pineapple is also a brilliant mood-lifting, and is pretty helpful for sustaining a good cognitive function and an intelligent brain. The advantages you get by consuming canned pineapple are additional are somehow exactly similar as compared to those of clean pineapples. Simply ensure that the canned one is not past its expiry date. Take care!


  1. I knew I loved pineapple for a reason! 😀

  2. babso2you says:

    What a lovely post on the pineapple! Each eye on the pineapple is really a berry, so the entire fruit is one mass of berries. Once picked the pineapple will not ripen any further! So when picking a pineapple, make sure you pick a ripe one! Excellent article, and thank you for the follow! ^..^ B

  3. Sharifah says:

    Thanks for sharing this info on the pineapple, especially that the fact that it can also be a mood lifter. Perhaps that’s why pineapple juice is so refreshing. 🙂

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